Apparatus / Equipment

EMS 91

EMS 91 is a general purpose command vehicle. Designed to function as a quick response vehicle for medical calls, or to be the primary command vehicle for complex incidents, it is equipped with Basic Life Support medical supplies, a mobile light tower, and the necessary tools to establish initial incident command and control.

Brush 91

Brush 91 is a purpose built grass/brush fire apparatus. Built on a pickup truck chassis for mobility and 4 wheel drive, it has the tools and equipment necessary to respond to brush, grass, and field fires. Additionally, this truck has a 750gpm pump, which enables it to be utilized as a pumper for larger fires that may be too far away from solid pavement required to park larger apparatus.

Brush 191

Brush 191 is also a purpose built grass/brush fire apparatus. Similar to Brush 91 it is a pickup truck with the tools, water tank, and pump mounted in the bed to enable it to respond to brush, grass, and field fires.

Tanker 91

Tanker 91 is an International truck chassis with a 750gpm Darley pump and a 3,500 gallon tank. This truck is equipped with a portable folding tank that can be utilized to shuttle water to and from fires outside of areas protected by fire hydrants. To compliment this, it is equipped with dump chutes and valves which allow it to quickly fill the portable tank and return to get more water while the pumping apparatus draft the water out of the portable tank. Additionally, this truck carries a basic fire hose compliment so that it may be utilized as a pumper for fire suppression should it be needed.

Engine 91

Engine 91 is built as a combination pumper/tanker. It carries 2000 gallons of water, and is equipped with a 1500 gpm pump. It carries a full engine company compliment of tools and hose, as well as the drafting equipment needed to draft standing water from any suitable source. This combination of having a larger water capacity as well as full pumping/drafting capabilities makes it an ideal tool for responding to fires in areas that do not have fire hydrants.

Squad 91

Squad 91 is built as a combination pumper/rescue. As such it is equipped with the tools to respond to complex rescue and extrication calls, such as vehicle accidents. (including the commonly referred to “Jaws of Life”) Additionally, it is also fully equipped as a pumper, including the tools and equipment needed for fire suppression, including the full compliment of hoses for fire attack and water supply.

Ladder 91

Ladder 91 is built as a combination Ladder truck/pumper. Which means that in addition to the full compliment of ground ladders and the 107ft truck mounted ladder, it also has a full compliment of fire suppression tools and the hoses required for fire attack and water supply. This truck is strategically built to aid in potential life rescue situations, as well as fire suppression.

Medic 91

Medic 91 is a full service Advanced Life Support unit. This unit is stocked with all of the medications equipment and tools needed to treat all manner of emergency medical situations. Everything from complex medical conditions, to intricate and complicated traumas can be treated by this unit. This unit is built on a 4×4 Dodge chassis so it can easily respond to calls in more adverse conditions than many other ambulances.

RA 91

RA 91 is a Basic Life Support unit. This unit serves as a backup to Medic 91, but can be operated on its own for calls which have a lower acuity and do not require the capabilities of our Advanced Life Support Unit.